Public Cloud/SaaS Network Optimization & Resiliency

Spring 2022

With remote workforce requirements plus increased consumption of all kinds of cloud services in the large enterprise, one huge question has been unanswered. How do you optimize and build resiliency into network cloud access? What are the new approaches to networking in the enterprise cloud era? This roundtable discussion session is exclusive for IT teams. No slides, just sharing best practices and challenges in a safe environment led by ONUG board members and thought leader. Come to learn from your peers and see if you’re on the right track.


As Technical Fellow for FedEx Enterprise Network Architecture, Aryo Kresnadi responsible for setting network architecture guideline, future and solution for FedEx Global Enterprise Network supporting all FedEx information movement to ensure on time delivery for all FedEx packages. Current responsibility for research, design and implementation of the next generation network for FedEx, including: future direction of networking technology, all aspect of SDN architecture, cloud capability, global foot print, WAN architecture/connectivity and next generation network management.

Joining FedEx in 1998, Aryo has been involved in Network Operation Center, network management system and architecture, network compliance (SOX/PCI) area, ITIL process and Network WAN/LAN/DC design, deployment and architecture.

Aryo holds Bachelor Degree in Electrical Engineering (BSEE) from The Ohio State University and Master of Science degree in Electrical Engineering (MSEE) from University of Pittsburgh. Aryo currently based in Collierville, TN, the home of FedEx World Technology Center.

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