Managing and Respecting Identities in a Secure World: Intersections between DevOps and DEI

Spring 2022

The world naturally gets ever more complex with time, in everything from technology to social movements. How can we as technology professionals build systems that recognize users’ whole identities, and still provides them with the seamless and secure experience they expect?


Cody is a DevOps-Engineer-recently-turned-IT-Project-Manager, nonbinary activist, compulsive event planner, and Organizational Development nerd. Xe is working on a grant-funded project to implement optional pronoun entry into IAM systems at Harvard. Xe weaves accessibility and inclusion into all of xyr work, technical or otherwise.

Roopa has over 25 years of experience in Information Technology; the most recent 12+ years have been in Security, Access and Risk Management. Roopa has a breadth of experience in Media, Federal, Higher Ed, Financial, and supply chain industries, solving business problems with technology solutions. She has architected solutions and implemented Enterprise applications for HR, Supply Chain, Finance, Risk & Compliance and Information Security.

Roopa has initiated and managed Global IAM programs with a high rate of success at multiple organizations, starting from assessment, roadmap planning, vendor selection, project planning and implementation. She has extensive experience in performing IAM assessments and providing recommendations for securing access and increasing efficiency in employee on-boarding. She has helped organizations save money and increase productivity by implementing global Identity and Access Management programs from scratch within a few months, leading M&A integrations and enabling Compliance/ Attestation campaigns. Organizations have benefitted from Roopa’s effective leadership in establishing robust Identity Governance programs. Roopa has hands on experience with IAM applications from leading vendors such as Fischer Identity, Oracle, SailPoint, Okta, Microsoft. She has designed and implemented Risk management programs following established models and frameworks (NIST, COBIT, A-123).

Roopa has an MBA in Global Management from the Kenan-Flagler Business School of the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill. She has managed global IAM programs at Discovery Communications and at the George Washington University. Prior to this, she has been a Consulting Manager at Deloitte Consulting and has several years of experience in architecting solutions for financial services, Retail and supply-chain sectors. She is ITIL, CISM and CDPSE certified and is a member of ISACA (Information Systems Audit and Control Association).

Anna likes connecting the dots between people, process, and technology to solve complex problems and meet practical daily work needs. On an average day, you’ll find Anna advising folks on service and asset awareness so that service owners and technologists deliver efficient service across on-premises, cloud, and hybrid environments. Anna is collaborating with peers to leverage a grant-funded project to build consensus among policy and enterprise technologists to deliver pronoun data at Harvard.

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