Developing for DevSecOps: Lessons Learned from Developing Prowler

Spring 2022

Cloud deployments are complex and we often have to secure them using complex methodologies. Prowler has become an important part of the paved path for the DevSecOps journey, it takes the nuts and bolts of security pieces from having to worry about them. I will cover foundational security best practices along with how to understand the new perimeter beyond a cloud service provider API.


Toni de la Fuente is the founder of Prowler Open Source, the tool for enabling AWS security best practices. He has also worked for AWS as a security engineer and consultant. He’s passionate about FLOSS – Free Libre Open Source Software – in general and Information Security, Incident Response, and Digital Forensics in particular. He enjoys everything related to cloud computing and automation. Toni has contributed to several security and Open Source community projects such as Prowler, phpRADmin, the Nagios plugin for Alfresco, and Alfresco BART (backup tool). He’s also contributed to books and courses related to Linux, Monitoring, and AWS Security for PacktPublishing.

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