Ciena Proof of Concept: Enabling the Next-Generation Enterprise Branch

Spring 2022

Retailers, financial institutions, and other enterprises are evolving towards “branch of the future” model to improve the customer experience, maximize per-store revenue and reduce cost. This requires a shift towards a software-centric converged IT and network infrastructure and “any-edge, any-cloud” environment that enables real-time access to applications regardless of where they reside. But shifting from a multi-hardware, multi-rack and multi-domain infrastructure in each store to a cloud-based Infrastructure as a Service environment can be tricky. This proof of concept demonstrates how Ciena’s Virtualized Edge Solution with a cloud-native, multi-service edge software stack enables geographically dispersed stores to become “smart enterprise branches” by accessing multi-cloud digital retail applications like inventory management, customer relationship management and security in real-time.


David Bainbridge is a Senior Director of Software Engineering with a focus on open-source software working as part of Ciena’s office of the CTO. In this role, David participates in developing prototypes, demonstrations, and product integrations that leverage the best practices and trends of the open-source community. Further, David and his team work to understand how these practices and trends can be applied to existing Ciena products as well as help influence product direction to better address the needs of Ciena’s customers.

David’s software architecture and development practice has spanned more than 40 years and covered diverse domains including human-machine interaction, security, distributed systems, AR/VR, simulation, IT operations, network management, and education. David continues to contribute to open-source projects and occasionally presents at industry conferences around the globe.

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