Operationalizing Cloud Security in the SOC

Spring 2022

Cloud Security is new to most SOCs. SOC teams are optimized for on-prem threat hunting, incidence response etc. As more workloads move to SaaS/IaaS/PaaS how do SOC teams integrate and operationalize cloud security? This roundtable discussion session is exclusive for IT teams. No slides, just sharing best practices and challenges in a safe environment led by ONUG board members and thought leaders. Come to learn from your peers and see if you’re doing it right.


Cloud Security Engineering leader responsible for security engineering and security innovation. Enables new and untried technologies, running proof of concepts, designing and engineering security configurations, enabling the business to leverage new technology safely. Led the creation of Cigna’s security assurance framework which ensures that the security vision is consistently executed. Current research focus on the domains of security data lakes, multi-cloud security and automated Cloud governance. ONUG CSNF Speaker and Contributor.

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