Pensando Proof of Concept: Protect the Unprotected with Stateful Network Zero Trust and the Aruba CX 10000

Spring 2022

As East-West traffic continues to grow exponentially, traditional segmentation approaches require increasingly complex approaches to Network design. In most instances these designs rely on tromboning to individual services appliances which not only introduces complexity, but significant additional latency, congestion and cost. This equates to end users experiencing performance degradation or a complete lack of application availability due to the inability of administrators and critical services, such as firewalls and load balancers, to provide resources in a timely manner.

In this POC we will outline and demonstrate a simple step by step path to a more secure data center environment leveraging the Aruba CX 10000. The CX 10000 can easily integrate into any enterprise or cloud environment regardless of whether it is public, private or hybrid. This approach does not require changes to server hardware or software, does not make any assumptions on the server operating systems nor does it require any driver or agent to be installed on the server, all while providing distributed services at scale and wire-rate.


Jason Gmitter has over 20 years of experience building and deploying enterprise class data center architectures.  Prior to Pensando he has held senior systems engineering and customer-focused roles at Microsoft, Cisco, and ADP.

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