Broadcom Open Session: Get the Guide to Cloud, ISP and SaaS Transformation Success (ONLINE ONLY)

Spring 2022

Modern enterprise IT teams are tasked with managing networks that are constantly in a state of transformation. These migrations are complex, requiring new types of visibility into applications, traffic flows, distributed locations, or include managing cloud workflows in order to maintain good end-user experience. Increasingly apps and network delivery paths are moving out of IT’s control, but remain IT’s responsibility when problems arise. AppNeta by Broadcom Software  has been helping the largest enterprises in the world manage performance through these transformations. Join us to learn our guide to successful transformation through a combination of active and passive monitoring methodologies that provide app performance baselines, migration validation, and continuous performance insight.

Alec Pinkham is the head of Product Marketing for AppNeta by Broadcom Software. Alec spent 7 years in technical marketing for AppNeta before coming to Broadcom with a background in software product management, testing, and mechanical engineering. Off the clock, he is an avid hiker, runner, and skier depending on the weather.

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