Redefining Networking: The Move from Cost Center to Strategic Necessity – Keynote Presentation by AWS

Spring 2022

A transition is underway in enterprise networking. Organizations are incorporating new, cloud-native, wide area networking services into their infrastructure because of their ability to create and configure connectivity on the fly—with elastic capacity and consumption-based pricing, bringing the scalability and economics of the cloud to network connectivity. Join Alec Peterson, Vice President of AWS Network Platform, and Jon Pruskowski, Sr. Manager of Cloud and Connectivity Engineering at Capital One, to learn about how AWS is helping customers transform their business by redefining networking from the core of their networks all the way to the cloud.


Alec Peterson is the Vice President of AWS Network Platform, and has responsibility for Direct Connect, Route 53, AWS Availability, Infrastructure Security, and the services used to manage the AWS Network. He has prior leadership roles at Sparkpost, Catbird Networks, UltraDNS & RCN. He also served on the board for ARIN advisory council for over 11 years.

Jon Pruskowski is the Product Owner and Engineering Lead of Capital One’s Core Network with responsibilities for cloud connectivity, data center interconnect backbone, and software defined networking.  He has over 15 years of experience in technology leadership, solution architecture, and network engineering.

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