Network as a Service (NaaS)

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The Network-as-a-Service (NaaS) Project team is focused on enterprise needs, technical requirements and design patterns for NaaS adoption

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Network as a Service

What We’re Working On

Enterprise Service Needs for NaaS

The recent proliferation of NaaS offerings from industry incumbents and new market entrants presents IT networking decision-makers with a bewildering array of options for NaaS adoption. NaaS for traditional WANs. NaaS for SD-WAN/SASE. NaaS for multicloud networking. Mobile wireless NaaS. NaaS for on-premise networking.

Continuing the work begun by the Network Cloud Working Group in 2023, the ONUG Collaborative NaaS Project is focused on helping large enterprises understand how and when to adopt NaaS solutions that will satisfy their business needs now and in the future.

The project team has identified a set of typical NaaS use case scenarios, which differ by characteristics such as network topology, application traffic flows, security policies, performance requirements and flexible, on-demand consumption models. For each use case, the team will investigate and document the business and technical requirements that service providers should satisfy.

The goal is to publish an ebook that documents these requirements along with recommended design patterns and best practices for enterprise NaaS adopters.



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ONUG Collaborative NaaS Project Overview

The ONUG Collaborative NaaS Project is exploring the business requirements, leading use cases and underlying technologies critical for the adoption of Network-as-a-Service by large enterprises. Read this first in a series of blog posts on this topic that the project team is publishing.

NaaS Project Team Overview

NaaS Project Team Members

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