Broadcom Proof of Concept: The Keys to Understanding Network Visibility from the End-User Perspective

Spring 2022

The core network paths today’s applications take primarily live outside of IT’s control and sight, even though the burden of fixing these paths still resides with network operations. Understanding the dynamic delivery paths is critical to being able to drive successful digital transformation across the enterprise. Without this insight, there is significant risk to end-user experience, IT efficiency and the ability to support an increasingly remote workforce.

In this demo we’ll explore key use cases that the combination of AppNeta and Broadcom Software can help NetOps teams monitor and deliver reliable user experiences no matter what network it’s delivered over; from the enterprise data center, over ISP, through hybrid-cloud and out to SaaS.


Jeremy Rossbach is Chief Technical Evangelist for NetOps at Broadcom Software. Prior to joining Broadcom Software, he spent over 15 years working in IT, across both public and private sectors, managing data centers for startups, healthcare, financial and federal system integrators. His previous roles as a data center administrator, engineer, architect and manager provided him invaluable insights into the challenges and goals of IT consumers.

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