Navigating Zero Trust and Beyond: The Big Themes in Cloud Native Security Today- Cloud Native Security Working Group Update

Spring 2022

Today’s ever-advancing cyber threat environment leaves no dispute about the critical role Security plays in ensuring enterprise systems’ availability and integrity. The Cloud Native Security Working Group focuses on the most pressing of these threats and trends. It seeks to provide understanding and guidance to Cloud practitioners through its blog series, webinars, podcasts, and conference sessions – emphasizing practical strategies for achieving cyber success. This session’s panel discussion explores Zero Trust strategies and practices in today’s large enterprise.


Cyber Security Advisor with FedEx Services, Inc. My current focus is on securing SDN and hybrid-cloud workloads as FedEx moves towards digital transformation and away from traditional L3 networks and data centers. In my role as Cyber Security Advisor I am called on to consult on many IT projects across the various operating companies that comprise FedEx. I am the team leader for the Network Security team that is responsible for implementing micro-segmentation, security analytics, identity services, and Wifi intrusion prevention among other security platforms and initiatives. I currently hold active ISCCISSP and GIAC GSEC certifications and have been a guest speaker on network and cloud security at various conferences including Proofpoint Connect, VMworld, and Future:NET.

My background is 30+ years of experience as a Network Security Engineer / Network Manager / Network Engineer working in the IS/IT division of various companies which span half a dozen industries and government agencies.

Ramani is VP of Engineering and Chief Architect at SecureX.AI. She is responsible for innovating, designing and creating a unified security platform over the last 18 months. Her focus has been on building an integrated visibility and attack surface management solution to handle the modern hybrid enterprise architecture.

She has over 18 years of experience in Cyber Security having started her career at McAfee. She was a very early employee of Palo Alto Networks, being part of the team that built the first Next Generation Firewall and disrupting the Cyber Security market. She was also Director of Security and Threat Research at ShieldX, creating the next generation security suite of products for the cloud.

Ted is an industry veteran with over 30 years’ experience in building, operating and scaling production environments. Using DevOps principles he is helping to change monolithic code into smaller manageable components while migrating services out into the Cloud. Making systems observable throughout the microservice creation and cloud migration.

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