Surviving Zero Trust – Cloud Native Security Working Group Update

Spring 2022

Today’s ever-advancing cyber threat environment leaves no dispute about the critical role Security plays in ensuring enterprise systems’ availability and integrity. The Cloud Native Security Working Group focuses on the most pressing of these threats and trends. It seeks to provide understanding and guidance to Cloud practitioners through its blog series, webinars, podcasts, and conference sessions – emphasizing practical strategies for achieving cyber success. This session’s panel discussion explores Zero Trust strategies and practices in today’s large enterprise.


Michael Clark has worked in large enterprise computing for over 25 years, first in operations and engineering, and for the past decade in architecture and strategy. He began his career in network and server platform engineering at Bausch & Lomb, where he was instrumental in developing B&L’s global network infrastructure and in launching their first website.

Mike then moved on to Fidelity Investments, where he ultimately took on management of desktop and server operations for Fidelity’s Retail Operations group, merged 19 technology support organizations across the U.S. into 1, and ran network and telecom operations for the Boston region. He spent his final 5 years at Fidelity in the Enterprise Architecture group focused on various platform infrastructure initiatives, including leading the effort to develop a unified server strategy for the firm.

Mike has spent the last 5 years engaged in global professional services activities. He recently became a Partner at Exceptional Leaders International, where his focus is on working with mid-market companies, many of them private-equity owned, to synchronize their business imperatives and technology strategies. He has deep experience in global networking and cloud implementations.

Mike is currently the Technology Industry and IT Consulting Executive at Renaissance Tech & Media. He has been with the company since 2010.

Now Boston-based, Mike hails from Canada, where he received his undergraduate education at The University of Western Ontario. He has since done graduate work at both Brandeis and Harvard.

In his spare time Mike enjoys photography, traveling, and digital audio recording.

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