Kentik Proof of Concept: Network Observability Across All Infrastructure

Spring 2022

The vast adoption of cloud infrastructure is creating significant challenges for network teams. If
you can’t see across all of your infrastructure – including the networks you own and those you
don’t – how can you find and fix problems fast?

In this proof-of-concept demonstration, you’ll see the Kentik Network Observability Cloud and
learn how this comprehensive, integrated platform gives you visibility across public and private
clouds, on-premises networks, SaaS apps, and other critical workloads – all to deliver
compelling, actionable intelligence to plan, run and fix any network.


Ted is an industry veteran with over 30 years’ experience in building, operating and scaling production environments. Using DevOps principles he is helping to change monolithic code into smaller manageable components while migrating services out into the Cloud. Making systems observable throughout the microservice creation and cloud migration.

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