Broadcom Academy: Triage Video Conference Performance–Even When You Don’t Own the Infrastructure (ONLINE ONLY)

Spring 2022

We spend our days on voice and video conferencing and performance is a constant struggle, especially with the rise in popularity of hybrid work. With apps like Microsoft Teams hosted outside of traditional infrastructure how can you get actionable insight to solve issues faster or quickly isolate the root cause–even if it’s outside your sphere of influence. Join AppNeta by Broadcom Software to see what active monitoring can do for these key apps that enable business-critical collaboration. Speed up MTTR or prove your innocence when last-mile ISPs or end-user environments are really to blame.

Alec Pinkham is the head of Product Marketing for AppNeta by Broadcom Software. Alec spent 7 years in technical marketing for AppNeta before coming to Broadcom with a background in software product management, testing, and mechanical engineering. Off the clock, he is an avid hiker, runner, and skier depending on the weather.

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