Strategic Data Management for AI Transformation: Navigating the Challenges of Data Aggregation and Movement

Spring 2024

In the era of Generative AI (GenAI), managing and aggregating vast amounts of data from varied geographic locations poses significant challenges, especially when dealing with legacy network infrastructures. This panel discussion delves into the complexities of data movement and aggregation necessary for the effective deployment of near real-time GenAI applications. We will explore the intricacies of handling sensitive data, the cost implications of data movement in public clouds, the issues arising from data silos, and the optimal network topologies needed to support GenAI. Our panel of experts will provide insights into balancing data movement costs, latency, computational expenses, and data protection to strategically position GenAI operations.
-Introduction: Brief overview of the session and introduction of panelists.
-Challenges of Data Aggregation and Movement:
o Discussing the difficulties in aggregating data from dispersed data stores for GenAI.
o The implications of data sensitivity and the reluctance to use public cloud data stores.
o The cost of data movement in public clouds and strategies to minimize data transfers.
-Overcoming Data Silos and Legacy Issues: Addressing the challenges posed by data silos and the limitations of legacy network topologies in supporting GenAI.
-Future-Proof Network Topologies for GenAI: Exploring the required network capabilities and topologies to support the demands of GenAI applications.
-Balancing Act: Cost, Latency, and Data Protection: Strategies to balance data movement costs, computational demands, latency, and data protection in the context of GenAI.

Who Should Attend: This session is designed for network engineers, AI researchers, data scientists, network architects, systems engineers, network operators, traffic management professionals, and anyone keen on the intersection of AI and network optimization.


Brian is responsible for the Services, Advisory, and Field Technical Functions in World Wide
Technology’s Eastern Operations.
Most recently Brian was responsible for transforming and leading global technical operations,
engineering, and architecture for a large UK Based Global Pharmaceutical as part of their Digital
Transformation across Operating Model, Agile Transformation, Infrastructure modernization, Cyber
Uplift, Hosting and Cloud Transformation, End User Experience, Service Management, and FinOPs
Agile Funding Executive team,
As a Client he also led JPMorganChase’s Global Network Engineering and Operations teams, where
his teams successfully deployed an industry leading private fiber WAN and drove a major global
refresh and insourcing effort.
At Cisco Systems, Brian led the global sales and field engineering teams serving their largest clients
and launched the Server Entry into those clients, also acting in the role of Corporate Engineering
Liaison for all Data Center Products.
Brian’s diverse experience and exposure as an executive in large tech companies, founder and
leader of startup Tech and MedTech Device companies, advisor to multiple VC Tech companies, and
as a non-profit Board member, has provided a unique view of the entire tech landscape including the
funding, business, and operational vectors.
A father of 2, avid musician, former marathon runner turned cyclist, reader, and boating enthusiast,
Brian and his wife Mary, reside in the Cleveland Ohio Metro Area.

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