Alkira Triple-T: A Practical Guide to Transformation using Alkira’s Network Platform

Spring 2024

The Network is everywhere, and the future is Hybrid. As organizations continue to modernize, their public cloud footprint continues to increase while many applications still run in existing Data Centers. Network teams today are on the hook for connecting public clouds, data centers, sites, SaaS, partners, while integrating existing network and security services. In this talk, we will highlight the benefits of using Alkira as your on-demand and scalable network platform, taking an ‘as-a-Service’ approach to interconnecting all the critical systems that power your business


William Collins is a strategic thinker and catalyst for innovation. Over his career, he has helped enterprises build large-scale networks, driven modernization through cloud adoption, and excels at optimizing complex environments through good design practices and automation. Today, William works as a Principal Cloud Architect for Alkira, where he focuses on evangelizing Alkira, fostering strong relationships with customers to fully realize their goals, and thought leadership surrounding the future of network, security, and automation in the cloud.

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