How to Achieve Cloud SecOps Agility and Scale: Real-world Case Study – Fortinet Main Stage Keynote

Spring 2024

Effective cloud outcomes are largely an advanced security operations, SecOps, effort. Failure doesn’t come from lack of security tooling options, rather that these tools are not organizationally aligned to support proper workflow, fail to provide visibility, and actually increase risk because of longer time to identify and remediate threats. The challenge of bringing tools into a framework that improves SOC efficiency and provides human scale suffers from complications in bringing multi-provider and multi-vendor ecosystems into harmony across security workflows, recruiting multiple organizational roles as security contributors, and managing the practice with scarce resources in people and skills. In this session Fortinet will show a real-world implementation that created a successful cloud outcome by leveraging AI and ML to harmonize signals, speed response and drives down risk.


Aidan Walden has served as the Global Director of Public Cloud Architecture and Engineering at Fortinet for the past three years. Prior to Fortinet, he served in various engineering and leadership roles at a tier 1 mobility and global ISP. Throughout his 18-year career, he has navigated the evolving security landscape across mobility, IoT, and service provider infrastructure.


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