Atsign Triple-T: Securing Networks: From Complex Rules to Zero Trust Sockets

Spring 2024

Zero Trust security is a critical goal, but current implementations often involve ever increasing complex firewall rules and infrastructure configurations. This presentation proposes a new approach built on the fundamental concept of TCP/IP sockets. We explore the limitations of traditional security methods and how they create vulnerabilities. A new approach is then introduced, leveraging a secure control plane and Zero Trust principles applied directly at the socket level. This eliminates the need for listening ports on servers and clients, removing the network attack surface.

The solution utilizes existing IP infrastructure and requires minimal changes to existing applications. We will explore how this “inlay network” approach can revolutionize data security, offering benefits such as:
-Simplified security: No complex firewall rules or network configurations needed.
-Enhanced privacy: Servers and clients remain invisible with no open ports on external interfaces.
-Granular control: Security policies applied directly to data flows.
-Scalability: Open-source platform built for efficient implementation.

This presentation will introduce the concept of Networking 2.0 and showcase Atsign’s technology, a practical solution for achieving Zero Trust security with minimal disruption and fine grained control.


Colin co-founded Atsign in 2019. He co-invented a new protocol (the atProtocol) that allows people and things to be directly addressable online and to exchange data using end-to-end encryption, with keys cut and kept at the edge. He has also created groundbreaking utilities for network engineers (including SSH No Ports) and filed 40+ patent claims. Prior to Atsign, Colin co-founded Deutsche Bank Labs Silicon Valley, spent 6 years as the Chief Enterprise Architect at Juniper Networks, and helped build the electronic trading, networking, and information security infrastructure at Credit Suisse in NYC.

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