Stay Simple, Not Static: How Static Networks Are Holding Businesses Back, The Valmont & Graphiant Story – Graphiant Main Stage Keynote

Spring 2024

The world is changing. Modern times call for a modern solution. Previously static networks, MPLS specifically, were great delivering interoffice connectivity and on-premises data centers, but they are costly. Plus, their time to deliver and upgrade is excruciatingly slow. SDWAN takes networking to a flexible level, but they are expensive (with hardware and subscriptions), complex, and burdensome to manage. Additionally, if you use a third party to manage your SDWAN, your costs can become untenable. SDWAN also pigeonholes you with the vendor’s hardware and legacy networking principals. You are at the mercy of the SDWAN manufacturer.

With Graphiant, we have decoupled our hardware from the software and networking. Valmont can deploy Graphiant across whatever hardware they choose and leverage Graphiant’s easy-to-use software. The robust global network infrastructure also saves time and money by policy connectivity to associate manufacturers, vendors, and customers.

The third-party connectivity availability Valmont is engaged with offers services to their customers for their smart infrastructure.


Ali Shaikh, CPO, is responsible for the strategic direction for Graphiant, technical alliances, and driving the product roadmap. He led Systems Engineering for Meraki & Viptela at Cisco and was the first Solution Architect and Customer Success Engineer at Viptela. He was responsible for designing and deploying the largest SD-WAN implementations globally.


Jason Foix, Advanced Network Engineer, is responsible for designing, implementing, and maintaining complex networking infrastructures at Valmont Industries, a manufacturing infrastructure and agricultural company leading the way in smart pole and drone technology. With almost three decades of networking experience, Jason has transformed Valmont’s enterprise network from multiple legacy static MPLS providers to a global SD-WAN deployment.

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