F5 Triple-T: Seamlessly Delivering and Securing AI Apps in a Multicloud Environment with F5 Distributed Cloud

Spring 2024

AI is the hot topic for organizations around the world, but delivering AI apps to your users and ensuring they are protected is a major challenge. As the endpoints for AI apps are more distributed across environments, you need a solution that can solve for the connectivity and security pieces, so that your AI apps can connect to other apps in your network, and ensure each endpoint is protected with strong, consistent security across multiple clouds and on-premises sites.

In this session, F5 will show how you can seamlessly deliver AI to public and private audiences in a multicloud environment while ensuring your model is protected through the F5 Distributed Cloud platform.


Pranav is a VP of Products at F5, leading F5’s Distributed Cloud SaaS Platform. Pranav joined F5 through the Volterra acquisition where he led Product Management and was one of the first hires. At F5, Pranav leads a portfolio of products including Secure Multi-Cloud Networking, App Performance (GSLB, CDN, DNS), Edge Compute, Telco Cloud Platform, and SaaS Platform. Prior to Volterra, he led Connected Car Product Management at Jasper which was acquired by Cisco. Prior to Jasper, Pranav led Product Strategy and Optimization at PayPal helping drive improvements in the conversion rate for PayPal’s core checkout product. Prior to PayPal, Pranav led Corporate Strategy for Cisco’s Enterprise collaboration technology group. He holds an MBA from the Haas School of Business, UC Berkeley, an MS in Computer Engineering from Purdue University, and a BS in Electronics Engineering from the VJTI, University of Mumbai. He was awarded six patents in the field of Internet Routing Technology. His research studies have been published in several publications including the IEEE Distributed Computing Systems and IEEE InfoComm. In his personal time, Pranav enjoys playing basketball, golf and badminton while coaching his daughters’ robotics team.

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