Quantea Triple-T: Unwrapping the Generative Generation: Understanding the Security Gaps in Data Center Networks that Operate AI

Spring 2024

Data centers that operate generative AI workloads create terabits of data on a regular basis. Data center requirements for long haul data transmissions, lossless data handling and public cloud computing deviate the process of these workloads from closely enclosed ecosystems to broader ecosystems where data can be exposed and systems can be exploited. Within a short amount of time we will go into identifying and understanding some of the security gaps that are currently present and go over the best ways of staying ahead of the curve.


Michael Francisco (Co-Founder and CTO of Quantea): Michael currently serves as Quantea’s Chief Technology Officer. He has previously worked in data centers and networking in companies such as Facebook, Yelp and founded several companies relating to cloud computing and social media. He has more than two decades of experience in hands-on programming whether it is C, assembly
language or higher level languages such as python and Java. He has earned his degree in both computer science and electrical engineering and has earned his CISSP and CCNA certificates.

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