Automation Essentials for Unleashing Innovation at First Citizens Bank – Gluware Main Stage Keynote

Spring 2024

Banking relies on bold thinking, high-speed innovation and world class infrastructure. Join Jason Clark, Senior Director of Infrastructure Core Services at First Citizens Bank, as he reveals the essential strategies for using network automation to power ongoing IT and business innovation. From concept to execution, get a rare and insightful look at the best practices and lessons learned that Jason and his team are utilizing to remain ahead of the bank’s business needs.


Jason leads a team of global infrastructure engineers to modernize the infrastructure platform, simplify adoption, and enhance compliance management. This work supports First Citizens Banks’ mission by creating innovative solutions to rapidly scale infrastructure and integrate complex, disparate systems within an increasingly complex enterprise risk framework. Jason and his team’s success depend on remaining ahead of the bank’s business needs, and Gluware’s intelligent network automation plays an essential role.

Ernest co-founded ONUG with Nick Lippis after realizing that the user community needed to take control of their own destiny and expedite the network transformation. At the time he was VP of the Internetwork Engineering organization at Fidelity Investments and under his leadership Fidelity hosted the first ONUG in Boston in February 2013.

A 12-year veteran of Fidelity, Ernest was responsible for leading the team that engineered world class network, security, and application delivery services driving value to the customer beyond infrastructure management. Ernest also managed the Network and Voice service portfolio as well as Global Network Operations LAN/WAN teams and has held various technical and leadership roles.

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