AI in Enterprise Edge – Verizon Main Stage Keynote

Spring 2024

AI intersects with edge computing at the enterprise edge for a subset of applications & use-cases, and for other use-cases it builds a data-lake for AI computations to be performed in the cloud. Correlated decision making with robotic process automation (RPA) has transformed to an AI-ML based analytics that allow anomaly detection, predictive and preventative network and security handling of events, and result in better business outcomes. Video analytics, and AR/VR use-cases require more local processing, whilst Production and QA type of infrastructures a mix of local and cloud based AI-based predictive analytics. In this session, we will describe real-world AI-based scenarios, highlighting the relevant technical challenges, security considerations, solutions adopted, business benefits and future directions with AI/GenAI.


Ken Patel brings over thirty years of experience as an Associate Fellow at Verizon Business Global Solution, guiding sales and product for the deployment of Network as a Service (NaaS) and Platform as a Service (PaaS) solutions. He balances the needs of enterprise customers with the curation of an enriched roadmap of ‘as a service’ solutions with security, AI/ML automation, orchestration, portal and deep insights. These services are provided to Enterprises such as Walgreens, Cintas, JetBlue, Johnson Controls, Xerox, numerous Fed/Gov agencies with a managed end to end digital supply chain with proactive monitoring and digital experience management of users/devices. His expertise revolves around advanced network and security technologies such as NaaS, SASE/SSE, SDN, MPLS/Internet/5G, Private 5G, Multiaccess Edge Computing, PaaS and IaaS, with a focus on migrating global customers from legacy to an automated real time enterprise environment with a multitude of partner technologies.

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