Aviz Triple-T: Network Copilot: Everyday Networking with GenAI Abstract

Spring 2024

In this talk we will be discussing the transformational impact of GenAI on IT infrastructure, marking a shift from academic exploration to essential product innovation within the tech industry. Highlighting the current necessity for organizations to integrate AI, it underscores the automation of repetitive tasks, the potential for balancing innovation and maintenance budgets, and the inevitable adoption of AI for a competitive edge. The talk will detail the crucial features for enterprise-ready AI systems, including open-source models, customization, cost-effectiveness, and vendor agnosticism, alongside exploring the wide-ranging applications beyond traditional AIOps to include compliances, migration checks, and more through conversational analytics. It advocates starting small with AI integration, leveraging expert knowledge in data engineering and prompt engineering for tailored implementations. Concluding, the talk the audience will be shown a quick demo video.


Vishal has 20+ years of experience in the IT Networking Industry. Prior to founding Aviz, Vishal held various leadership roles at Nvidia/Mellanox, IBM, BNT, Cisco, and Nortel Networks. He holds 30+ patents in the field of Software-defined Networking (SDN), IoT, Cloud Orchestration & Automation, and Performance Monitoring areas. He has authored and published several books on SDN, OpenFlow, and OpenStack technologies. Vishal holds an MBA from Duke University and a Bachelor’s in Engineering from India.

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