Microland Triple-T: The Critical Essence of NaaS

Spring 2024

It’s clear that over the next few years, Managed Network Services will give way to Network as a Service…but what does NaaS really look like? In this short 10-min presentation, Bob Wysocki of Microland will provide pragmatic guidance on how enterprises should be thinking about adopting a NaaS service offering from the perspective of:

* Technique: What are the foundational requirements an enterprise should have of NaaS?
* Technology: What aspects of technology are truly differentiating that enable the benefits of NaaS?
* Tools: What types of capabilities are required to fuel a NaaS offering


Growing a technology team to develop an enhanced set of Practices and Solutions that will accelerate an enterprise’s Digital Transformation. Microland is enabling enterprises to adopt newer technologies, enhance productivity and provide deeper insights to gain business competitive advantage.

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