Splunk Triple-T: AI Trends & Challenges for Cybersecurity

Spring 2024

We found that the overwhelming majority of CISOs (70%) believe that generative AI will create an asymmetrical battlefield that will inevitably be tipped in favor of cyber adversaries. We are more optimistic than that, though. We know 35% of CISOs are already using AI for positive security applications, and 61% will likely use it in the next 12 months.

At Splunk, we are helping customers navigate AI with a many pronged approach. Our AI powered guided assistive workflows and integrated AI Assistants help teams use AI without the need for a data science degree, allowing them to do more and focus on the most important areas of their jobs. We’ve been doing AI for years, helping customers detect those needles in the haystack to provide a stronger security posture. We also secure and monitor the AI services that our customers are building. As a magic quadrant leader in Security and Observability, Splunk helps our customers address and take advantage of AI for a better more resilient future.


Shawn May is a Security Solutions Architect at Splunk known for his unique understanding of threat actors' complete targeted attack lifecycle. With a background in conducting
offensive computer network operations and supporting internal IT operations, he brings his expertise in cyber threats and security operations to his work helping foundational and
mature security teams detect and respond to threats.

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