Tenable Triple-T: Bridging the Security Gap with Cloud Native Vulnerability Management

Spring 2024

As organizations move to the cloud, security teams are being tasked with cloud security. This often means replicating on-prem security practices in complex multi-cloud environments. This approach can leave critical blindspots and create organizational inefficiencies. In this session join Alex Feigenson, Director of Security Engineering at Tenable to hear how you can use a CNAPP solution to empower your teams to become cloud security experts and work across departments for better security outcomes.

You’ll learn how you can make the best use of your security team’s time by understanding resource relationships and their blast radius. For example, how an unpatched OS paired with an over privileged EC2 instance can contribute to overall risk and the easy fixes that can make the biggest differences in your environment.

Topics covered include:

* How to inventory assets, identify vulnerabilities, and prioritize remediation in AWS, Azure, and GCP
* Best practices for managing risk such as malware and container image vulnerabilities
* Approaches for assessing identity risks and entitlements in cloud environments
* Tips for unifying vulnerability management across on-prem and cloud environments


Alex is a jack-of-all-trades with more than 20 years of experience in all aspects of IT infrastructure, design, security, management and architecture, with a focus on cloud native technologies. Alex leads the Global Cloud Security Engineering team at Tenable for Tenable Cloud Security.

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