Cisco Triple-T: Cisco Hypershield: ​AI-native Security for Data Centers ​and Cloud

Spring 2024

Explore a novel architecture for advanced cyber defense in hybrid environments, focusing on the unified management of security across various domains. It integrates eBPF technology and AI-driven automation to enforce consistent policies and enhance operational efficiency. We will cover architecture, and the two main use cases: exploit protection and segmentation.


Aamer has over 20 years of experience in technology adoption, product, and strategy. He has strong expertise in launching new products, customer acquisition, and driving technology integrations. Aamer is currently working on Cisco’s next-generation security solutions. Previously, he has led product management for branch firewalls, cloud-delivered security (SASE), mid-mile optimization, zero trust security, multi-cloud connectivity, IoT platforms, video optimization, and routing across various vendors. With 25+ patents, he is a former Cisco Distinguished TME, 2xCCIE, and Cisco Live Distinguished Speaker.

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