Opengear Triple-T: Revolutionizing the Management Network: Embracing the Future with Opengear’s Lighthouse and SMF

Spring 2024

In the rapidly evolving landscape of digital infrastructure and network management, the critical task of managing networks has long-awaited innovation. Opengear’s Lighthouse, now with Smart Management Fabric (SMF), introduces a transformative platform for out-of-band network management. This unified solution streamlines the management network, simplifies deployments at edge locations, and enables easy access to your 5G and AI-enabled technologies. SMF offers a turnkey management network overlay that offers a management network that is scalable, secure, and automated, applicable across various network settings from near edge to far edge, data centers, and 5G infrastructures. Join us to discover how Opengear is leading this shift, enabling effortless edge deployments and empowering enterprises to unlock the full potential of their network infrastructure while ensuring resilience, efficiency, and readiness for the future’s demands.


Ramtin Rampour is a Technical Product Manager at Opengear, bringing over a decade of rich experience in technical marketing, solutions architecture, and product support. His comprehensive expertise encompasses integrating Opengear’s cutting-edge solutions within diverse customer environments, advocating for customer-centric feature development, and leading technical discussions with strategic global accounts. Ramtin’s role as a technical advisor has been instrumental in maintaining robust relationships with Fortune 100 companies, ensuring their network resilience through innovative Out-of-Band Management (OOBM) technologies.

With an MBA in IT Management from Western Governors University and a Bachelor’s in Computer and Information Systems Security, Ramtin has not only excelled in technical roles but has also significantly contributed to product engineering and sales strategies. His dedication to advancing Opengear’s technological footprint and his proactive approach to addressing complex customer challenges highlight his pivotal role in the company’s success.

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