Democratizing AI Through Next-Generation Networking: Opportunities and Challenge

Spring 2024

In an era where AI integration into enterprise operations is paramount, the networking infrastructure plays a critical role. This panel explores how advancements in networking technologies like Ethernet and RDMA over Ethernet can democratize AI by making powerful AI tools more accessible and efficient across industries. The discussion will delve into the transformative potential of AI in networking, the role of open standards and the democratization of AI through scalable, high-performance networking solutions.

The Role of Networking in AI Democratization
-Discussion on how advancements in Ethernet and network technologies support the scalability and accessibility of AI solutions.
-Insights into the concept of “network is the computer” and its implications for AI workloads.
Challenges in Scaling AI Networking
-Panelists discuss the technical and economic challenges of scaling networks to support AI, including the integration of RDMA over Ethernet and the implications of the Ultra Ethernet                     Consortium’s initiatives.


Nick Lippis is an authority on corporate computer networking. He has designed some for the largest computer networks in the world. He has advised many Global 2000 firms on network strategy, architecture, equipment, services and implementation including Hughes Aerospace, Barclays Bank, Kaiser Permanente, Eastman Kodak Company, Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation (FDIC), Liberty Mutual, Schering-Plough, Sprint, WorldCom, Cisco Systems, Nortel Networks and a wide range of other equipment suppliers and service providers.

Mr. Lippis is uniquely positioned to comment, analyze and observe computer networking industry trends and developments.

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