Host Keynote – Charting the Course: Navigating Your Organization’s AI Readiness

Spring 2024

Join Michael Milligan, VP, IT Governance, Risk & Compliance of FedEx, as he unveils a roadmap to AI readiness in the modern enterprise landscape. This presentation will delve into the essential preparations and strategic considerations that organizations must embrace to harness the full potential of AI. From building robust data infrastructures to fostering a culture of innovation, Gene will outline the critical steps and organizational mindset shifts required to navigate the complexities of AI integration successfully.
What You Will Learn:
-Key strategic considerations for preparing your organization for AI adoption.
-The importance of data infrastructure, governance, and security in the AI ecosystem.
-Strategies for fostering a culture of continuous learning and innovation to support AI initiatives.
-Real-world insights into how FedEx is navigating its AI journey, including challenges and successes.

Who Should Attend:
-CIOs, CTOs, and IT leaders seeking to understand and implement AI readiness strategies within their organizations.
-Business leaders looking to leverage AI for competitive advantage and operational excellence.
-Data scientists, engineers, and IT professionals involved in the development and deployment of AI solutions.
-Anyone interested in the organizational and technological foundations necessary for successful AI integration.


Michael is responsible for the IT Risk Management Framework, Risk Analytics and Services, Product Security, GRC Compliance, Data Privacy, Information Security Standards, Mergers & Acquisitions Due Diligence and Business Continuity/Disaster Recovery programs.

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