Keynote – Shaping the Future: Enterprise AI Infrastructure and Innovations in AI Networking

Spring 2024

As the digital and AI-driven revolution continues to unfold, the demand for robust Enterprise AI infrastructure has never been more critical. Mike Taylor, CTO of WWT, stands at the helm of this transformation, steering the WWT AI Proving Ground within the Advanced Technology Center (ATC) towards groundbreaking innovations. This keynote will explore the pivotal role of Enterprise AI infrastructure in supporting complex AI workloads and the exciting emergence of new AI-native networking products across the industry. Through the lens of WWT’s state-of-the-art lab environment, attendees will gain unparalleled insights into the collaborative development and deployment of AI solutions, facilitated by WWT and Nvidia’s cutting-edge technologies. This session is a must-attend for those eager to witness the confluence of theory and practice in the realm of AI, offering a unique perspective on how hands-on access to advanced AI resources is reshaping the technological landscape.

Who Should Attend:
-CTOs, CIOs, and IT Executives looking to leverage AI in their operations
-AI and Network Engineers seeking to understand the latest trends in AI infrastructure
-Industry Analysts and Technology Enthusiasts interested in the future of AI and networking
-Business Leaders and Decision-Makers exploring AI-driven transformations
-Academics and Students in the fields of Computer Science and AI

This keynote is an opportunity to engage with the thought leaders who are crafting the infrastructure for the next wave of AI applications, making it an essential session for anyone invested in the future of technology and AI.


As Chief Technology Officer and Executive Vice President of Services, Mike Taylor oversees WWT’s Global Engineering and IT organization and Services segment to position WWT as a single-source provider to accelerate digital transformation. Mike aligns WWT’s unparalleled technical capabilities with its collective business acumen to both advise and execute customers as they seek to become more agile and innovative.

As business and technology become more complex, it is crucial organizations use technology investments to drive strategic initiatives. Mike is responsible for connecting business strategy into the IT organization, and simplifying the sales and services process to create a more seamless experience for both customers and partners.

A member of WWT’s executive leadership team, Mike joined WWT in 2000 and remains committed to fostering a culture of innovation across engineering and technology, and maintaining WWT’s status as an unparalleled partner for customers to evaluate, architect, integrate and operate complex technology solutions.

Mike serves on the board of directors for Nurses for Newborns, a non-profit organization that sends nurses to the homes of pregnant women or parents with infants who face medical, social or environmental risks in order to prevent infant mortality, child abuse and neglect. Mike and his wife have four children and live in St. Louis, Missouri.

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