Cybersecurity Roundtable – NOC/SOC: Cybersecurity in the AI Digital Age

Spring 2024

In an environment free from media and vendors, this roundtable session is dedicated to exploring the evolving roles of NoCs and SoCs as networking and security convergence picks up speed and AI promises automation on the speed and scale never before possible. IT leaders will discuss how they are approaching transforming their NoCs and SoCs into an automated incident response center and to what level they are comfortable. The session will provide a unique opportunity for leaders to share strategies and learn from each other’s experiences as they explore the use of AI in operations under Chatham House Rules.


Anusha Bodepudi is a distributed cloud computing architect and network expert with vast experience. She is a well-known researcher and innovator who has made significant contributions to cloud computing, networking and security. Her most recent scholarly publications have appeared in IEEE, Asian Journal of Applied Science and Engineering, Engineering International, and ABC Journal of Advanced Research. Currently, she works as an Intuit Staff Network Engineer and has a track record of building and deploying various NaaS systems.

Security leader focused on making multi-cloud environments a safer place. Enables new and untried technologies, running proof of concepts and designing secure configurations that enable the business to leverage new technology safely. Ensures that the security vision is consistently executed across all phases of the software lifecycle. Promotes patterns for security automation that leverage policy as code to scale security across multiple Cloud’s. Contributor to the open source community.


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