Cybersecurity Roundtable: Navigating the Future of API Security – Embracing AI Integration while Mitigating Risks

Spring 2024

As we stand on the brink of 2024, the technological landscape is poised for a transformative shift, with AI integration set to surge, reshaping the fabric of next-generation AI applications. Central to this evolution is the role of APIs, which are becoming increasingly pivotal in enabling sophisticated AI functionalities across various platforms and systems. This panel session delves into the dual-edged nature of this progression, focusing on the burgeoning integration of AI in API environments, the emerging security challenges, and the strategic imperatives for modern enterprises.

Who Should Attend?
This session is indispensable for CTOs, CISOs, API architects, cybersecurity professionals, data privacy officers, and tech innovators who are keen on navigating the complexities of integrating AI with APIs securely and ethically, while capitalizing on the opportunities this convergence presents for future-proofing their organizations.

Embracing the AI-driven future necessitates a profound commitment to API security. Attendees will leave equipped with the foresight, strategies, and best practices required to navigate the challenges and seize the opportunities of this imminent technological evolution, ensuring their enterprises remain resilient, compliant, and competitive in the digital age.


Dynamic and innovative technology leader with a proven track record in building and leading high-performance engineering teams. Passionate about driving digital transformation, enhancing cybersecurity, and optimizing cloud infrastructure for businesses. Extensive experience in driving strategic initiatives and delivering cutting-edge solutions that enable organizations to thrive in today’s rapidly evolving technology landscape. My expertise spans AWS, Azure, GCP, OCI and a wide range of security tools and practices. I’m dedicated to achieving operational excellence, cost optimization, and security posture enhancement through innovative solutions.


Anusha Bodepudi is a distributed cloud computing architect and network expert with vast experience. She is a well-known researcher and innovator who has made significant contributions to cloud computing, networking and security. Her most recent scholarly publications have appeared in IEEE, Asian Journal of Applied Science and Engineering, Engineering International, and ABC Journal of Advanced Research. Currently, she works as an Intuit Staff Network Engineer and has a track record of building and deploying various NaaS systems.

Elvis is a passionate and dedicated leader in the field of Cyber Security and Cloud. He has been working with Citibank for the past 10+ years and has held multiple roles in cybersecurity. He currently leads Citi’s offensive security teams responsible for security assessments, penetration testing, Red Teaming, Purple Teaming, and vulnerability scanning Globally. Additionally, Elvis also leads Citi’s multi-disciplinary team of teams driving cyber security services and solutions to enable Citi to securely adopt private, hybrid, and public Cloud platforms.

Elvis excelled in his studies at Florida International University (FIU) where he earned a Master of Science degree in Management Information Systems (MIS) and a Bachelor of Science in Computer Science from Florida International University.

Aubrey has nearly 20 years of experience across Banking and Healthcare industries and has been dedicated to Cigna since 2016. During her tenure with Cigna, she has led diverse teams with responsibilities spanning Database, Infrastructure Engineering, Security, Risk Management, Audit, Governance & Compliance and M&A activities.

Prior to Cigna, Aubrey served in various individual contributor and leadership roles with JPMorgan Chase & BlueCross BlueShield.

Aubrey is a 4th generation graduate of the University of Kansas, and currently resides in Nashville, Tennessee.

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