AI/Automate Roundtable – The AI Networking Revolution: Navigating Network Automation in the Limit; Can You Trust It?

Spring 2024

In this closed-door roundtable, IT leaders will engage in a candid discussion about the integration of AI in the networking and security stacks. Participants will share concerns, experiences, challenges, and strategies related to implementing AI networking solutions. Key topics will include balancing innovation with risk, scaling AI initiatives, and addressing the talent gap in AI and automation. This session adheres to Chatham House Rules, ensuring a private and open dialogue, free from external influences.


Chris Cheu is an experienced leader with Evernorth Health Services, a part of the Cigna Group. Besides learning the ever evolving Healthcare Business, he has a focus on driving engineering maturity, infrastructure simplification and hybrid cloud strategy for Evernorth. Prior to Cigna, Chris had technology and leadership roles ranging from computer system programming, infrastructure engineering to leading some of the very challenging M&A and divestiture infrastructure programs for global enterprises. Over 30 years, Chris gained deep expertise through hands-on experience in building global network services, securing IT infrastructure, integrating Data Centers with cloud (XaaS) services, and IT service management. Chris is passionate to deliver business results through strategic planning, innovation and execution.

Chris holds a MSECE from University of Massachusetts – Amherst. Chris is currently based in Bloomfield, CT.

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