Elvis Veliz

Elvis Veliz
Chief Information Security Office - Cyber Security Operations - Citi

Elvis is a passionate and dedicated leader in the field of cyber security and Cloud. He has been working with Citibank for the past 10+ years and has held multiple roles in cybersecurity. Due to his extensive expertise and due diligence in the field, he currently leads a multi-disciplinary team of teams as the Global Head of Cloud Security Operations.

Elvis is adept at driving cybersecurity services and solutions that enable Citi to securely adopt private, hybrid, and public cloud platforms. His most notable achievements as the Global Head of Cloud Security Operations include establishing robust cross-functional partnerships with teams building NexGen Cloud applications. Elvis is a natural team player who has helped teams embed and operate security controls across the Identify, Protect, Detect, and Recover cybersecurity pillars.

Elvis’ drive for being a skilled Cloud security professional has prompted him to acquire dozens of industry certifications across various cloud providers and technologies. Prior to his role as Global Head of Cloud Security Operations, Elvis worked at Citi for 7+ years in Cyber Security offensive capabilities. Starting off as a penetration tester, he helped build and eventually led the Citi Red Team, an advanced penetration testing team in charge of assessing the enterprise’s security posture (people, processes, and technology) through adversary emulation.

Elvis excelled in his studies at Florida International University (FIU) where he earned a Master of Science degree in Management Information Systems (MIS) and a Bachelor of Science in Computer Science from Florida International University.



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