Operational Lessons Learned from Cloud-First Companies at ONUG Fall 21

The cloud brought enormous business value to companies in virtually every industry, and cloud-first companies have led the way as pioneers. But as these first-movers have scaled up, they’ve uncovered a problem: the cost of using the cloud has, in many cases, exceeded the cost of sales. To resolve the issue, many cloud-first companies have […]

You Know It Works Because You Saw it at ONUG

Helping Cloud Professionals understand the building blocks needed to construct multi-cloud infrastructure There is a massive on-prem infrastructure build about to take place in the mid to large enterprise as evident in the $600B+ 2021 Venture Capital start-up investment bonanza. Let me explain.    Application developer requirements are forcing infrastructure teams to build and run multi-cloud […]

Town Hall Meeting: Who Will Close the Gaps in Hybrid/Multi-Cloud Infrastructure?

The Era of the Cloud has made many pie-in-the-sky promises about more consistent, efficient, and resilient IT infrastructures, and has done an admirable job of meeting much of that potential. But there’s still a gap in what businesses want and need from a hybrid/multi-cloud infrastructure, and the industry’s capabilities to meet those needs.  ONUG’s own […]