The Great Debate: Is Everyone Doing Cybersecurity Wrong?

Organizations have cybersecurity as a top-of-mind priority – but are they spending their limited time and resources on the right areas? Or are many companies’ approaches to cybersecurity often misguided and ineffective? And if they are, what can companies do to protect themselves properly and proactively? Cybersecurity experts Greg Ferro of Packet Pushers and Johna […]

How to Protect Your Data from Ransomware and Double-Extortion

Malware has been the archenemy of organizations around the globe for years, with ransomware, in particular, being an extremely deadly foe. Locking down victims’ files through encryption and demanding a ransom for decryption has proven to be an effective tactic for cybercriminals, with a steady stream of recent attacks serving as a constant reminder. However, […]

The Six Business Benefits of Zero Trust Segmentation

At a theoretical level, implementing zero trust makes significant sense. Cybersecurity threats can come from anywhere—outside or inside the network, and even start in one place then move to another. Adopting a zero trust— “Never trust, always verify” —strategy can help you tamp down on application- and services-related vulnerabilities, thereby reducing friction for the rest of the […]

Realize the Promise of a Virtualized Multi-Service Ecosystem

Comcast Business ActiveCore℠ SDN platform provides a multi-service ecosystem that is truly changing network management. Jody Hagemann of Comcast led a panel discussion at last year’s ONUG conference that explained how ActiveCore is providing users with the flexibility and customization they need to develop technology solutions to meet mission-critical business needs. Joining her were ActiveCore […]