ONUG Blog: Your Digital Transformation Needs SD-WAN

Companies across industries of all sizes require solutions that enable fast, easy deployment and real-time, centralized operations management. SD-WAN is strategically positioned to make the digital transformation a reality. Vinod Kumar Balasubramanyam of VMware spoke at ONUG’s Fall Conference, providing insight into why SD-WAN is the ideal choice for companies of any size. In addition […]

Cisco SD-WAN at Johnsonville Sausage: Cutting Costs and Complexity

IT conversion doesn’t have to come with a huge price tag. Johnsonville Sausage proved that when they converted existing CISCO hardware into an SD-WAN architecture. Anthony Wild, Johnsonville’s Global Network Operations Manager, sat down with Lloyd Noronha of Cisco at last year’s ONUG Fall conference to discuss this simple shift that had a big payoff.  […]