How a Leading Healthcare Provider prioritizes User Experience in their SASE Approach

Secure Access Service Edge (SASE) represents the network and security architecture blueprint of the future, consolidating many networking and security point solutions into a single, integrated cloud service.  The ability to monitor end user experience across a SASE architecture is critical. Here’s one company’s story of how they used digital experience monitoring to gain visibility across their SASE architecture.  Leading Provider of Healthcare Coverage for 80+ Years Leading the way in supporting patient-focused care, this health insurance provider delivers coverage to more than 700,000 customers….

Cigna: Overcoming Challenges and Leading the Digital Revolution in Healthcare

Healthcare costs are rising, and the current COVID-19 crisis is sure to create financial hardship for both patients and healthcare facilities. Providing affordable healthcare will become even more of a priority. Digital healthcare promises to be the catalyst for reducing costs and improving patient outcomes. Cigna is leading the digital revolution in the healthcare industry. Eric Reed, Cigna SVP of Global Infrastructure Services and Application Operations, spoke at last year’s ONUG conference about the opportunities opened up by the digital transformation, as well as the…