Is Cybersecurity Alert Fatigue Real?

Many ONUG enterprise consumers have shared the toil that their SecOps/DevSecOps teams face daily.  “The room” is often overwhelmed by the sheer volume of attacks as well as the tools and playbooks necessary to sort through all of the relevant alerts. What alerts are ACTUALLY relevant? That’s a constant work in progress. This challenge is […]

Cloud Security 101

Managing cloud permissions and configurations As organizations evolve in the cloud, you will find the number of cloud services their teams use and identity permissions that need to be managed increase significantly. These services teams used to build and deliver applications are referred to as assets or resources. Configuring cloud assets, roles, and permissions doesn’t […]

Run Your SD-WAN Deployment with Network AI

SD-WAN is seemingly taking the enterprise world by storm. The market is big and still growing, with room for at least five major vendors doing a healthy business. And it’s easy to see why. SD-WAN eases a lot of headaches in running a large enterprise WAN. The reliability, redundancy, and security benefits are real. I […]

Building a Bridge to the Future: A Resilient Approach to Digital Transformation

Rapidly evolving customer expectations, growing market pressures, and overall organizational goals have fueled digital transformation in every industry. It’s projected that by 2025, global spending for transformational efforts is expected to reach $2.8 trillion.[1] Digital transformation is the process of leveraging new technologies, across all areas of an organization, to optimize operations and drive growth […]

Town Hall Meeting: Who Will Close the Gaps in Hybrid/Multi-Cloud Infrastructure?

The Era of the Cloud has made many pie-in-the-sky promises about more consistent, efficient, and resilient IT infrastructures, and has done an admirable job of meeting much of that potential. But there’s still a gap in what businesses want and need from a hybrid/multi-cloud infrastructure, and the industry’s capabilities to meet those needs.  ONUG’s own […]

Looking Ahead to 2022

2021 has been a tremendous year for the ONUG Enterprise Cloud Community of Global 2000 IT business leaders, developers and sponsor members. 2021 broke all attendance records and marked the start of a massive IT enterprise cloud 2022 spending cycle. In 2020 – 2021, ONUG held four digital events attended by well over 13,000 enterprise […]

The Six Business Benefits of Zero Trust Segmentation

At a theoretical level, implementing zero trust makes significant sense. Cybersecurity threats can come from anywhere—outside or inside the network, and even start in one place then move to another. Adopting a zero trust— “Never trust, always verify” —strategy can help you tamp down on application- and services-related vulnerabilities, thereby reducing friction for the rest of the […]

Application Architectures: It’s been a journey

ONUG Cloud Native Security Working Group Blog Series #1 Over the next several quarters, the ONUG Cloud Native Security Working Group will be publishing a set of short articles that examine different aspects of modern application security –new threats, the role of big data and machine learning in addressing those threats, how security interacts with […]

F5 Invests in Cloud Edge “Real Estate” with Volterra

F5 has always been a little different than other infrastructure companies. Yes, it cut its teeth on load balancing successfully, and this put F5 in-between developers and infrastructure teams. It is known in most corporations by both organizations giving them a wide view into requirements, which has served it well over the years. It started […]

ONUG: Institutionalizing DevSecOps in the Large Enterprise

“We were making cars without any brakes or seat belts.” That’s how moderator Keith Shinn, SVP, Head of Infrastructure of Caliber Home Loans, Shinn described DevOps during the ONUG virtual event this past spring. Joining his discussion were Shannon Lietz of Intuit, Pat O’Neil of FedEx and Chris Zanelli of Citihub. The group addressed challenges […]