Why the World Needs ZTNA 2.0

Interest in Zero Trust has exploded recently, partly due to its catchy name and seemingly broad usage throughout the cyber security industry (Zero Trust washing?). But, there is also another more compelling reason for the rise in interest in Zero Trust – we really need it. When speaking with customers, many of them tell me […]

3 User Access Scenarios Where ZTNA Can Help in 2022

As hybrid work is here to stay for a vast majority of organizations, there are three secure user access scenarios that most affect an organization: remote employees;  branch offices; and accommodating new, contingent, or traveling workers.  Remote employees Every remote employee is essentially an internet gateway. With remote access services transitioning to identity-based controls, attackers […]

Zero Trust: An Overnight Sensation Decades Later

Introduction Years after the term was coined by Stephen Paul Marsh in 1994 and popularized by John Kindervag more than a decade ago, Zero Trust has become the “new” security solution that addresses the confluence of today’s three critical factors and the emergence of what amounts to a cyber-war on businesses and governments. Zero Trust […]

Zero Trust: The Critical Essence – An Introduction

On January 12, 2010 Google wrote a blog revealing to the world that it had been breached by attackers sponsored by a nation state.  The attack is now known as ‘Operation Aurora’.[i] Subsequent investigations showed that many other enterprises and government organizations had also been breached by the same attackers.  Among other things, these hackers […]

Application Architectures: It’s been a journey

ONUG Cloud Native Security Working Group Blog Series #1 Over the next several quarters, the ONUG Cloud Native Security Working Group will be publishing a set of short articles that examine different aspects of modern application security –new threats, the role of big data and machine learning in addressing those threats, how security interacts with […]