Is Cybersecurity Alert Fatigue Real?

Many ONUG enterprise consumers have shared the toil that their SecOps/DevSecOps teams face daily.  “The room” is often overwhelmed by the sheer volume of attacks as well as the tools and playbooks necessary to sort through all of the relevant alerts. What alerts are ACTUALLY relevant? That’s a constant work in progress. This challenge is […]

Working Group Updates from ONUG Spring 2022

For those who attend technical conferences, it’s hard not to come away with the energy to execute on new ideas. I’m certainly feeling that way after ONUG Spring 2022. Attendees at the conference showed an overwhelming interest in the Cloud Security Notification Framework (CSNF) and how it can reduce toil for the SecOps community. The […]

How It Felt to Be Back In-Person at ONUG

We did it; it was nail biting, but we came together in numbers at the Meadowlands of New Jersey over a few brisk spring days in late April. I was nervous when I sent the first invitations for speakers to present at ONUG Spring back in January. If speakers were not able to attend in-person […]

You Know It Works Because You Saw it at ONUG

Helping Cloud Professionals understand the building blocks needed to construct multi-cloud infrastructure There is a massive on-prem infrastructure build about to take place in the mid to large enterprise as evident in the $600B+ 2021 Venture Capital start-up investment bonanza. Let me explain.    Application developer requirements are forcing infrastructure teams to build and run multi-cloud […]

A More Secure Digital Future

A More Secure Digital Future During my long career, there has been one constant requirement I often hear, “I want to see an end-to-end view of an application.” This is the holy grail to assure great user experience, assure security and observability.  Developers, IT infrastructure and operational teams struggle every day with this lack of […]

ONUG Collaborative Working Groups Kick Off 2022

Members of The ONUG Collaborative Working Groups are delivering solutions to the challenges faced by today’s Enterprise Multi-Cloud Community. Composed of both vendors and cloud consumers from some of the largest companies in the world, these Working Groups focus on delivering best-in-class solutions, both on-premise and off.  Here’s a quick update on the initiatives being […]

ONUG Collaborative’s Cloud Security Notification Framework Decorator

As more companies move to a multi-cloud environment, their IT departments become inundated with security notifications. Trying to make sense of these statuses can be challenging as each cloud provider has its own notification formats. Adding one provider doesn’t mean doubling the notifications; the data grows exponentially until enterprises reach the “wall of worry.”  Large […]

Don’t Go Alone on Your Enterprise Cloud Journey; Be Safe…Go with Friends

ONUG is a community-driven organization. When ONUG was established back in 2012, its charter was to provide a forum for IT business leaders to exchange ideas, best practices and deployment challenges associated with skills/culture, process and solutions. Its early members realized that collectively as a community, they are stronger. No one company can change an […]