Your Firewall is Now Everywhere — And Nowhere

Network security has been stuck in a box for too long. Much of what we know consists of perimeter or zone-based rules that limit which network segments can talk to which other network segments over which ports. The workhorse of this world has been the firewall appliance, interconnecting network segments and enforcing these rules. In […]

Discover your Cloud Security Posture Maturity Level

ONUG Cloud Native Security Working Group Blog Series Introduction Cloud Security Posture Management (CSPM) is currently one of the fastest growing areas within the field of cloud security; most security vendors are now offering or developing CSPM capabilities. However, enterprises are still trying to build the most effective CSPM program to fit their environment. In […]

Evolving Data Center Networks from Cloud-Ready to Cloud-Native

A 2020 survey found that at least half of data center workloads will remain in enterprise data centers until at least 2022. Businesses are hesitant to move more mission-critical operations to the cloud until there is more openness, transparency, and accountability. The following participants in the Evolving Data Center Networks session of ONUG Fall 2020 […]