3 User Access Scenarios Where ZTNA Can Help in 2022

As hybrid work is here to stay for a vast majority of organizations, there are three secure user access scenarios that most affect an organization: remote employees;  branch offices; and accommodating new, contingent, or traveling workers.  Remote employees Every remote employee is essentially an internet gateway. With remote access services transitioning to identity-based controls, attackers […]

Zero Trust: An Overnight Sensation Decades Later

Introduction Years after the term was coined by Stephen Paul Marsh in 1994 and popularized by John Kindervag more than a decade ago, Zero Trust has become the “new” security solution that addresses the confluence of today’s three critical factors and the emergence of what amounts to a cyber-war on businesses and governments. Zero Trust […]

Zero Trust: The Critical Essence – An Introduction

On January 12, 2010 Google wrote a blog revealing to the world that it had been breached by attackers sponsored by a nation state.  The attack is now known as ‘Operation Aurora’.[i] Subsequent investigations showed that many other enterprises and government organizations had also been breached by the same attackers.  Among other things, these hackers […]