Embracing the AI Era: The Evolution of ONUG to the AI Networking Summit at ONUG

ONUG, a leading IT community focused on enterprise cloud challenges, is entering a transformative era with its rebranding to the AI Networking Summit at ONUG. This change reflects a strategic shift towards integrating Artificial Intelligence (AI) across all aspects of cloud and on-premises infrastructure and its management. Here’s why this evolution is not just timely but critical.

For years, ONUG has been at the forefront of addressing key enterprise cloud issues, such as connecting, securing, automating, and controlling both cloud-based and on-premises infrastructures. The evolution into the AI Networking Summit at ONUG is a response to the accelerating infusion of AI technologies into these areas, aiming to simplify operations and ensure the development of trusted infrastructures.

The next two years are set to witness the launch of over 100 new AI-centric infrastructure products, including AI-enabled routers, switches, firewalls, load balancers, etc. These innovations are poised to revolutionize the way infrastructure interacts with applications. By enabling dynamic configurations that adapt in real-time to policy-defined user experiences, these AI-infused products promise not only enhanced performance but also significantly reduced operational costs through the alleviation of routine maintenance burdens.

Moreover, cloud providers are not standing by idly; their infrastructures too are being enhanced with AI capabilities. This widespread adoption underscores the critical role AI is set to play in future enterprise environments, transforming traditional setups into agile, proactive and dynamic systems.

The newly branded AI Networking Summit at ONUG will continue to focus on these pivotal areas. The summit delves into the latest in AI infrastructure, covering both networking and security solutions, and explores the cutting-edge AI chips driving these products to market. Additionally, the event will highlight AI applications that support and enhance this infrastructure, ensuring a comprehensive discourse on AI’s role in modern IT environments.

The ONUG Collaborative, known for its project teams, will integrate AI into its various initiatives. Topics such as Network as a Service (NaaS), multi-cloud security, Network Operations Centers/Security Operations Centers (NOC/SOC) integration, trusted infrastructure, and policy governance will all feature discussions on the impact and integration of AI. This approach ensures that every aspect of enterprise cloud management is examined through the lens of AI, fostering a holistic transition to smarter, more responsive systems.

ONUG is steered by a board of IT executives from leading global companies such as Citi, Cigna, FedEx, Johnson & Johnson, Walmart, HSBC, Fidelity, GSK, Raytheon, EY and others. This diverse group of leaders drives the narrative and journey of both the AI Networking Summit and the ONUG Collaborative, ensuring that the community remains at the cutting edge of enterprise technology innovations’ impact on business value creation.

As we stand on the brink of this new era, the excitement within the ONUG Community is palpable. We are not just witnessing the evolution of technology; we are actively participating in shaping the infrastructure for the AI-driven future. It’s a brave new world, and ONUG is ready to lead the charge into the AI era, promising a future where enterprise technology is not only intelligent but also intuitively aligned with the needs of its users.

Don’t miss the opportunity to be part of this transformative event. For more details and to register for the AI Networking Summit at ONUG Spring, hosted by FedEx, taking place at Union Station in Dallas, go here.

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Nick Lippis