Why prioritizing user experience is vital in network connectivity

When the pandemic began, many enterprises quickly moved their business operations to the cloud to better manage remote working. As a result, enterprises had to scale up their remote user connectivity infrastructure so all employees could connect to their business applications while working from home. However, the updated infrastructure was often layered on top of legacy network architecture, resulting often in inconsistent connectivity performance, and thereby impacting employees’ user experience. In fact, end-user complaints about application performance due to excessive slowdowns, network congestion, and performance…

Building a Bridge to the Future: Power Hybrid Environments with Network Resilience

The pandemic ushered in a new era, one where technology has created flexibility for organizations, employees, and customers. These technological advancements provide endless possibilities for all parties – increased productivity, improved customer experience, maximized service, and minimized costs. Ensuring that these experiences exceed expectations, enterprises have become increasingly reliant on their network – a resilient network. Travel restrictions and lockdowns spurred by the pandemic were two of the main catalysts of this new, hybrid, digital age. One where products can be bought anywhere, solutions can…

Driven by ONUG and the IT Community, the Future of SD-WAN Depends on Responsible Service Provider Delivery

Software-defined wide area networking (SD-WAN) has come a long way since ONUG ignited the conversation about the market and practical use cases for this promising new technology just four years ago. Eighty-seven percent of 800 network management executives use or plan to use SD-WAN within the next two years, according to a March 2017 IDC survey of mid-size and large companies with at least 10 locations and representing a variety of industries. SD-WAN sales are predicted to grow at a 69 percent compound annual growth rate, reaching $8.05 billion in 2021, notes IDC’s Worldwide SD-WAN Forecast for 2017–2021.

How AI will transform your Wi-Fi?

I’ve always had a lot of respect for veterinarians, because they are masters at solving problems based purely on fuzzy symptoms that their patients cannot explain: where it hurts, how long it’s been hurting, and what events led up to the problem. Many times the patients don’t even know they are sick. Yet a vet is able to make educated guesses with the data they do have, which often results in successful diagnoses and treatments.