Is Cybersecurity Alert Fatigue Real?

Many ONUG enterprise consumers have shared the toil that their SecOps/DevSecOps teams face daily.  “The room” is often overwhelmed by the sheer volume of attacks as well as the tools and playbooks necessary to sort through all of the relevant alerts. What alerts are ACTUALLY relevant? That’s a constant work in progress. This challenge is at the heart of what CSNF offers to not only the Enterprise consumer but also 3rd party security solutions providers.

What is CSNF and why NOW is the perfect time to get involved!

The Cloud Security Notification Framework (CSNF) is an Open Source initiative tackling the difficulty of providing security assurance for Cloud at scale caused by the large volume of events and security state messaging. The problem is compounded when using multiple Cloud Service Providers (CSP’s) due to the lack of standardized events and alerts amongst CSP’s.

Cloud Service Providers follow no industry standard in the generation of security event messaging. This gap translates into increased toil and decreased efficiency for the enterprise cloud consumer. Cloud Security Notification Framework ( CSNF), being developed by the ONUG Collaborative’s Automated Cloud Governance (ACG) Working Group, is aimed to create a standardization process without sacrificing innovation. Join the ONUG discussion and learn how CSNF will support your efforts in delivering more efficient Hybrid Multi-Cloud solutions.

Canonical Data Model Completed – Starter Kit is Underway.

The ACG working group has completed the 1st version of the CSNF Canonical Data Model, which is the heart of this initiative. The team, which is made up of 4 of the 5 largest Cloud Service Providers, several large Fortune 100 companies, as well as many third party security solutions providers are now turning their attention to pilot programs and demonstrations at the ONUG Fall 2022 Conference. A significant part of the effort will be the construction of starter kits for all parties to easily consume CSNF for various use cases.  

If your enterprise is interested in addressing cybersecurity fatigue and optimizing the efforts of your SecOps teams, now is the perfect time to get involved with the ONUG Collaborative. 

If you’re a security solutions provider and are interested in having a voice with regard to how your product can interoperate with CSNF, how the solution is consumed and how you can be part of brand alignment, now is the perfect time to get involved with the ONUG Collaborative.  

You can learn more about joining the ONUG Collaborative here.

You can learn more about CSNF on the Netlify site.

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Mark Tierney