ONUG Social Compact: Building Trust and Collaboration in the IT Community

In today’s rapidly evolving digital landscape, the relationship between IT professionals and their networks is pivotal. ONUG stands at the forefront of this dynamic, fostering a unique social compact with its IT professional members. This compact is rooted in trust, agnosticism towards suppliers, and a commitment to the IT consumer community.

A Trusted and Supplier-Agnostic Brand

ONUG’s primary commitment is to serve as a trusted and supplier-agnostic brand. This principle is central to our operations, ensuring that our members receive unbiased, well-rounded perspectives on the IT landscape. This approach enables IT professionals to make informed decisions, free from the influence of specific vendors.

Networking Opportunities and Privacy Commitment

We understand the importance of networking in the professional growth of our members. ONUG facilitates this through conferences and dedicated electronic communication channels like Slack and Signal. These platforms provide a space for IT professionals to connect, share ideas, and foster collaborations.

Importantly, we promise to keep these communications private. Discussions held within these forums are shielded from suppliers, press, analysts, and social media outlets. This confidentiality is crucial in maintaining the integrity and trustworthiness of our community discussions.

Adherence to Chatham Rules

In line with our commitment to privacy and open dialogue, ONUG adheres to Chatham House Rules. This ensures that while the information shared during our private events such as in our Signal channel and roundtable sessions at ONUG Conferences can be used, the identity and affiliation of speakers remain confidential. This policy encourages openness and the sharing of honest insights.

Unscripted and Valuable Content

At ONUG conferences, we pledge to deliver top-tier, unscripted content, unencumbered by sales pitches and self-serving presentations. This content is timely,  informative and most importantly delivered by executive level members of the IT consumer community. The content aims to assist members in making better decisions, avoiding pitfalls, and steering clear of dead ends in their professional journey. Learning from the experiences of ONUG executive level members is one of the most valuable aspects of attending an ONUG conference.  

Supplier Presentations: Empowering with Triple Ts

A key feature of ONUG’s approach is the focus on supplier presentations, uniquely designed to empower infrastructure engineers with essential tools, techniques, and technologies. These presentations, referred to as Triple Ts, are tailored to equip every IT consumer with tangible assets that can be directly applied in their professional roles. These sessions are crafted to ensure that participants walk away with practical, actionable insights that can make a real difference in their day-to-day work.

Majority IT Consumer Participation

A unique aspect of ONUG events is the promise to convene a larger proportion of IT consumers compared to suppliers. This balance ensures that the consumer perspective remains at the forefront, fostering an environment that truly represents the interests of our members.

Collaborative Projects and Design Patterns

The ONUG Collaborative projects epitomize our commitment to collective and collaborative progress. These initiatives involve both suppliers and consumers of IT, focusing on the development of design patterns. These patterns encapsulate user requirements into standard frameworks, aiding in digital transformation projects such as OT and IT integration, wide area networking redesigns, NoC/SoC transformation toward Incident Response Centers, etc.

Such collaborative efforts are aimed at mitigating deployment risks, enabling rapid innovation, and generating substantial business value in a cost-efficient manner. These initiatives, exclusive to consumer companies, are later shared as open-source creative commons designs with the broader vendor community. This approach encourages the development of solutions tailored to the collective needs of the industry.

Empowerment and Fun

Every IT professional attending an ONUG event, webinar, or podcast is promised new tools, techniques, and technologies to enhance their work and add value to their organizations. We don’t just focus on professional growth; we also believe in having fun. Our events are not just about learning and networking; they’re also about enjoying great social gatherings and special events, an aspect that is even more important now in the age of hybrid and remote workforces. 

In summary, ONUG’s social compact is more than just a set of principles; it’s a commitment to fostering a trusted, collaborative, and innovative IT community. By prioritizing the needs and privacy of our members, promoting unbiased and valuable content, and facilitating collaborative projects, ONUG is setting a new standard in the IT industry, one that promises not just professional growth but also an engaging and enjoyable experience for all its members.

Author's Bio

Nick Lippis

Co-Founder and Co-Chair, ONUG