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Cloud Networking or Networking for the Cloud?

Upon a first glance you may not realize the difference between cloud networking and networking for the cloud. After all, are these not the same thing, you may ask? As you will learn here, even though they carry a degree of similarity, there are still distinct differences between these two concepts.  We all know that […]

Shift Well-Architecture Left. By Extension, Security Will Follow

Using Infrastructure as Code(IaC for short) is the norm in the Cloud. CloudFormation, CDK, Terraform, Serverless Framework, ARM… the options are endless! And they are so many just because IaC makes total sense! It allows Architects and DevOps engineers to version the application infrastructure as much as the developers are already versioning the code. So […]

ONUG: Challenges to Institutionalizing DevSecOps in the Large Enterprise

Research firm Gartner simply defines DevOps this way: “DevOps represents a change in IT culture, focusing on rapid IT service delivery through the adoption of agile, lean practices in the context of a system-oriented approach.” Culture is the key word here. It’s about changing the mindset and completely revamping both the development and operational side […]

Enterprise CTO Challenges in the Age of Digital Transformation

A panel of CTO’s sat down at a recent ONUG conference to discuss the top challenges facing their organizations in the age of digital transformation. This candid discussion between industry leaders provided insight into how their companies are tackling these challenges. You can watch their chat in its entirety here. Below are their top five […]

GHD: Delivering an In-Office Work Experience to Remote Employees

Like many other companies, GHD, one of the world’s leading professional services companies, needed to quickly scale work-from-home capabilities due to COVID-19 shelter-in-place mandates.  The business need was clear: deliver an at-home work experience for GHD employees that was equal to working from the office. The Challenge Prior to COVID-19, GHD was prepared to support […]

Network Continuity is Central to Business Continuity

Business continuity planning has always been important to large enterprise organizations. The current global pandemic has put business continuity front and center. There was a substantial and immediate surge in the number of remote workers, and a first order of attention for many enterprise IT leaders was placed on strengthening remote VPN solutions for their […]

VMware: What’s Cooking with SD-WAN?

Just over 20 years ago, Ronco Inventions started running infomercials for their Showtime Rotisserie BBQ Oven on shopping channels. The infomercial promoted the oven with a simple tag line: “Set it and forget it”, which became a pop culture reference. [ngg src=”galleries” ids=”58″ display=”basic_thumbnail”]The “Set it and forget it” concept is one that many network […]

A10 Networks: Leveraging the Benefits of Application Delivery for Multi-cloud Architectures

There is no question that multi-cloud application deployments now play a foundational role in everything from internal business needs to digital transformation initiatives — but it’s also essential for IT operators to ensure effective visibility, governance, security, and control across both public and private clouds as multi-cloud deployments mature into standard IT and operational realms. […]

How to outsmart an emergency with Network Automation

The old business adage  “The show must go on” is probably familiar and is definitely relatable during these uncertain times. We are all reeling from the effects of the Covid-19 pandemic, and it has never been more critical for businesses to revisit continuity plans and network services capacity. Organizations need to figure out how to […]

Automation and the Network of Clouds

The Network continues to evolve toward the Cloud with the creation of a modern ecosystem consisting of Public Cloud providers and Network Specialists.  The evolution of the Public Cloud has matured from the first years which consisted of a land grab whereby CIOs were pitched AWS as a destination for all of their workloads; to […]

Realize the Promise of a Virtualized Multi-Service Ecosystem

Comcast Business ActiveCore℠ SDN platform provides a multi-service ecosystem that is truly changing network management. Jody Hagemann of Comcast led a panel discussion at last year’s ONUG conference that explained how ActiveCore is providing users with the flexibility and customization they need to develop technology solutions to meet mission-critical business needs. Joining her were ActiveCore […]

SevOne: Working From Home & the Impact on Your Network. Three Lessons Learned So Far…

As the leaders in modern network monitoring and analytics, we have a unique opportunity to share what we’ve learned so far about WFH and the impact on networks. We hope that this blog and the unique, operational insights we get from working with our customers and our own network monitoring expertise, will help organizations and […]