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Radically Improving Application Performance with Enterprise AIOps

Today’s enterprise edge is incredibly complex. As global users work from anywhere, their devices create tremendous amounts of data, originating from wireless LANs, LAN switches, routers, firewalls, and countless cloud and SaaS applications.  Analyzing this data and extracting meaningful, actionable insights creates a major challenge for maintaining business continuity across distributed workforces. Only by harnessing […]

Why Digital Transformation Should Start with a Modernized Network

In the last few years, organizations have begun to focus more on digital transformation – moving workloads to the cloud, deploying the Internet of Things (IoT), experimenting with artificial intelligence and data analytics, and embracing a myriad of other technologies – all to become more efficient, deliver a better customer experience and, ultimately, drive more […]

Leveraging APIs to Enable End-to-End Network Automation

Blog #2 in a Series on APIs from the ONUG O&A Working Group Part One of this blog series on APIs for network automation set the foundation for the importance of using APIs (application programming interfaces) for network and end-to-end process automation. Here in Part Two, we are going to look at more of the […]

Thoroughly Modern Apps: Their Relationship with Data & Telemetry

ONUG Cloud Native Security Working Group Blog Series #2 “For those of you with an interest in data-driven DevSecOps, the ONUG Cloud Native Security Working Group is kicking off a deeper-dive article series on the role of data in modern applications, discussing some best practices for translating an application’s operational data “exhaust” into deep insights […]

The challenges of working from home and the subsequent return to work will cause organizations to reevaluate how they look at networks for enterprise workloads and hybrid workplaces. The range of at-home networks and devices now engaged in critical business operations has grown by an order of magnitude and there might be little change as […]

Business and industry press always tout how quickly companies are moving to the cloud. While this is true for cloud-first, start-ups, internet 1.0/2.0 companies, it is typically not the case for traditional enterprises, along with the vast number of local, state and federal government agencies and institutions. Over the past several years, ONUG Community members […]

Traditional Edge Services or Moving to Cloud Edge

In its broadest sense, edge computing involves placing service provisioning, intelligence, and data closer to devices and users. With such a broad definition, it can mean edge services in an on-premise enterprise or in a cloud infrastructure. What the future holds for edge computing is a topic discussed by a recent ONUG panel. On the […]

Automate Network Operations with Intent

If you’ve been working with enterprise networking for a while, you’ve likely seen the phrases “intent-based networking” or “network intent” and perhaps some promises that these technologies will revolutionize networking or lead to the rise of the self-healing network. While this sounds exciting, the impact that intent-based networking has had on the enterprise, although positive, […]

ONUG Collaborative’s Cloud Security Notification Framework Decorator

As more companies move to a multi-cloud environment, their IT departments become inundated with security notifications. Trying to make sense of these statuses can be challenging as each cloud provider has its own notification formats. Adding one provider doesn’t mean doubling the notifications; the data grows exponentially until enterprises reach the “wall of worry.”  Large […]

A Huge Thank You

  It’s just been a few weeks since ONUG Spring gathered over 3,000 Global 2000 IT community members in the largest spring meeting to date. It was our third live virtual event, and we’ve all become pros adapting to the new technology. You can see it in how speakers, sponsors and community members are engaged, […]

ONUG Concludes Biannual Spring 2021 Event and Announces New Board Member, Award Recipients and Upcoming Projects

Enterprise cloud community offers sneak peek of ONUG Fall 2021 BOSTON – May 24, 2021 – ONUG, an open enterprise cloud community of Global 2000 IT business leaders, announced the completion of its Spring 2021 event. ONUG Spring hosted over 3,000 attendees digitally, including Global 2000 IT executives and practitioners from nearly 100 countries as […]

Rethink the Future of work, Rethink Your Network

The New Workplace Requires a New Vision of the Network Is your workforce about to return to the office for the 40 hour week or embrace the new flex workplace? Either way, you’ll want to hear how networks are evolving to support new and more complex operating and performance demands. Network engineers and help desks […]