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Realizing the Operational Efficiencies of Automating Hybrid Infrastructure

The invasion of cloud services to enterprise networks is accelerating at an unprecedented pace, continuing the trend of putting operational pressure on network teams to keep pace with the rate of change. Enterprises continue to face the daunting task of how to seamlessly integrate heterogeneous networks that span private infrastructure and public cloud services. Disparate […]

How to Protect Your Data from Ransomware and Double-Extortion

Malware has been the archenemy of organizations around the globe for years, with ransomware, in particular, being an extremely deadly foe. Locking down victims’ files through encryption and demanding a ransom for decryption has proven to be an effective tactic for cybercriminals, with a steady stream of recent attacks serving as a constant reminder. However, […]

The Six Business Benefits of Zero Trust Segmentation

At a theoretical level, implementing zero trust makes significant sense. Cybersecurity threats can come from anywhere—outside or inside the network, and even start in one place then move to another. Adopting a zero trust— “Never trust, always verify” —strategy can help you tamp down on application- and services-related vulnerabilities, thereby reducing friction for the rest of the […]

Dress Up Your Cloud Security Notification Messages If You Want to Scale 

2021 has been a tremendous year for the ONUG Community of Global 2000 IT business leaders and sponsor members.  In the ONUG Collaborative, Oracle Cloud has joined to help develop the open source Cloud Security Notification Framework’s Decorator along with Microsoft Azure, IBM Cloud and Google Cloud Platform under the guidance of FedEx, Cigna, Raytheon, […]

How to Establish a Culture of Secure DevOps

We’re constantly told to “Shift Left” and that Secure DevOps is the only way to have confidence in your cloud native applications. But speaking to end-users and industry colleagues, it’s clear that there are some major challenges in adopting Secure DevOps. If we read our history books, we know that DevOps wasn’t successfully adopted by […]

Evolving Towards Multi-Service Enterprise Edge Compute and Cloud Virtualization Infrastructure

There’s a lot of talk about the ‘edge’ these days—edge compute, edge cloud, near edge, far edge, the list goes on.   We see these as just different approaches to ensure that enterprise employees have ‘always-on’ access to the data, content, and applications they need to do their jobs—regardless of their physical location. These edge approaches […]

Financial Services – Regulation and Risk Management for Cloud Services

Outsourcing IT infrastructure to public cloud is on the rise for Financial Service Institutions (FSI) and in most cases, enterprises will work with the Cloud Service Provider (CSP) of their choice to plan and manage workloads and software services. A lot of the early cloud strategy and decision-making can be influenced by what that initial […]

Application Architectures: It’s been a journey

ONUG Cloud Native Security Working Group Blog Series #1 Over the next several quarters, the ONUG Cloud Native Security Working Group will be publishing a set of short articles that examine different aspects of modern application security –new threats, the role of big data and machine learning in addressing those threats, how security interacts with […]

ONUG Appoints Lietz as Board Co-Chair, Akdeniz to Board

Dual appointments bring security innovation and financial enterprise infrastructure expertise to ONUG  NEW YORK – August 4, 2021 – ONUG, the voice of the Global 2000, today announced the appointment of Shannon Lietz, vice president of Vulnerability Labs at Adobe, to the ONUG board as co-chair alongside Nick Lippis and Ernest Leffner, co-founders of ONUG. […]

ONUG Fall: Why We Are Virtual

First, I want to thank all of our great ONUG Sponsors for being a part of and supporting our growing community of IT professionals and increasingly open source developers. ONUG Sponsors continued to support the community as we all navigated the pandemic. They helped keep the community together during challenging times, and we thank them […]

Four Tactics to Simplify Cloud Security

Multicloud strategies are the de-facto standard across enterprise IT these days, as companies depend on numerous cloud vendors and software-as-as service (SaaS) solutions. Indeed, research firm IDC predicts that more than 90% of companies will depend on multicloud infrastructures by 2022, as the COVID-19 pandemic drove home the urgent need for business agility. Cloud was […]

The Cloud Security Notification Framework – Bringing Value to Hybrid-Multi-Cloud Consumers

As an old IT Ops person, it’s easy to look back at a career full of important, necessary tasks.  Stuff needed to get done.  People needed to do them.  I was one of those people.  It was a sobering day when I came to realize that “necessary” didn’t really mean valuable from a business perspective.  […]